Young Living Essential Oil - Tea Tree

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Tea Tree essential oil, also known as Melaleuca or Melaleuca Alternifolia oil, is one of the most widely used and extensively researched essential oils, making it a must-have for every home. Because the benefits of Tea Tree oil include cleansing properties and a refreshing scent, this versatile oil can be used for everything from home cleaning solutions to skin care.

Keep a bottle of Tea Tree in your house to make homemade household cleaners, air fresheners, and linen spritzers. You can also find a world of uses for Tea Tree in your personal care and beauty routine. Incorporate this moisturizing yet cleansing oil into skin care applications and hair treatments for a spa-quality upgrade!



- May help reduce the appearance of blemishes

- Helps maintain healthy-looking hair and scalp

- Maintains the appearance of healthy skin and nails when applied to feet and toenails

- May work as a naturally derived deodorants


- Helps eliminate musky odors


- Terpinen-4-ol

- Gamma-terpinene

- Alpha-terpinene

- 1,8-cineole (Eucalyptol)

- Alpha-terpineol

- Para-cymene

- Limonene

- Aromadendrene

- Delta-cadinene

- Alpha-pinene


- Melaleuca alternifolia† (Tea Tree) oil

†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil



- Add it to homemade soaps and moisturizers to experience its cleansing properties.

- Apply it to skin as part of your nighttime routine to help maintain the appearance of healthy-looking skin.


- Diffuse it to combat stale or unpleasant odors in the home.

- Combine it with citrus scents such as Lemon or Lemongrass for a natural deodorizer.

- Combine Tea Tree with water in a small glass spray bottle and use to freshen linens and towels.


Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh, invigorating scent that can be diffused to mask unpleasant odors. Tea Tree also makes a great addition to skin and beauty products because of its cleansing properties.


- Combat the pungent odor of gym clothes radiating from your laundry room before tackling the endless pile of clothes and linens.

- Put your feet up and dissolve your day’s stresses in any room of the house with this renewing aroma for a memorable at-home spa experience.

- Jump over any mental block and stay focused with its clarifying, refreshing scent during late-night study or work sessions.

- Create a natural deodorizer for the kitchen after cleaning out the fridge by combining Tea Tree with one of your favorite Young Living citrus essential oils.


Topical: Apply 2–4 drops directly to desired area. Dilution not required, except for the most sensitive skin. Use as needed.

Aromatic: Diffuse up to 30 minutes 3 times daily.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

- 5 drops Citronella

- 3 drops Geranium

- 2 drops Tea Tree

- 2 drops Lemongrass

Armchair Quarterback

- 6 drops Valor®

- 2 drops Citrus Fresh™

- 2 drops Shutran™

- 2 drops Tea Tree

CAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.

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