The Peanut Shell Hospital and Recovery Gown

3,000.00 ฿ 1,000.00 ฿

You're radiant. You're beautiful. You're in labor. And in a few hours you will deliver your bundle of joy. Including labor? You'll embrace it-because thanks to the Peanut Shell Maternity Gown, not only will you turn heads - You'll turn these hospital hallways into fashion runways. Glam and sassy, these gowns are far from drab. Snaps in all the right places and in colours that are rivaled only by your glowing aura. p.s. Just go!

- 100% cotton

- adjustable arm ties

- snap-down back for maximum coverage

- optional empire waist belt snap closure for easy feeding

- machine washable

Our gowns are based upon the mother's dress size as shown :

S/M pre-pregnacy sz. 2-10  

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