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Stokke Care Changing Station

29,990.00 ฿

Change together. Grow together.™


Stokke® Care™ is a changing table that becomes a desk and a bookshelf and a TV stand - but first and foremost it’s a tool to make the nappy changing enjoyable and intimate. At Stokke we believe that early physical and emotional contact between parent and child is of crucial importance. That’s why Stokke® Care™ is designed so that you face your child, whilst space for your feet allows you to get closer to your baby. Stokke® Care™ raises your baby to your height, encourages all-important eye-contact and frees your baby’s arms and legs, promoting play and interaction. So now you can spend hours together having fun… until it’s time for another change, of course.



Stokke® Care™ Description

Stokke® Care™ includes:

- Two large baskets
- Changing mattress
- Two plastic containers and metal rails


- Beautiful compared with traditional changing units.

- Fits the Stokke® Sleepi™ concept.


- Provides good ergonomy.

- Easy access.

- Safety through good working posture.

Position of baby (length wise)

- Safety - very difficult for child to roll off the changing unit.

- Easy handling of baby.

- One hand on baby at all times (safe).

- Eye contact.

Manufactured from cultivated beech

- Strength, a durable surface.

- Environmentally friendly.

Solid construction

- Durability.

- Reassurance.

Several different colour stains

- Fits with any interior.


- No gliding / slipping.

- Easy cleaning.

- Hygienic.


- Flexibility (tailor made).

Grows with the child

- Longevity in use.

- Value for money

- Kinder to the environment

Two large storage baskets

- Access to equipment.

- Adaptable storage space

- Space for nappy container.


- Flexible (place them where you want).

- Space for “most needed” things close by.

- Easy access.

- Replaceable.


- Storage for towels nearby (reachable).

- Place to hang clean clothes (reachable).

- Storage pocket.

Small “foot print”

- Space saver

7-year warranty on wooden components

- Registration at entitles the owner to a 7-year Extended Warranty.

- Good investment.

- Security.

- Good value for money.

- Proof of quality.


Stokke® Care™ Changing Table

Weight: 24 kg
Height: 106 cm
Depth: 75 cm
Width: 67 cm



Stokke® Care™ Small desk

Height: 106 cm
Depth: 75 cm
Width: 67 cm

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