Sobble Cushioned Bath Tub provides you with many unique features: Marshmallow Soft Tub, Great insulation, Perfect Fit (sink, tub, floor), Beautifully designed, Including baby stopper with flexible positioning, Hygienic, BPA free, non-slippery. You will not want to miss this unique tub.


Functional and Elegant


Marshmallow Soft - Safety and Comfort


Sobble cushioned bath tubs have been designed in Finland and they are made in Korea in our own production facilities. There we have been dedicated to cushioned medical bathtubs for elderly for more than a decade.


Marshmallow softnes


Including baby stopper with flexible positioning


Innovative insulation function


Tub fits into standard sinks, tub or floor



Key Features


01 Marshmallow Softness

Sobble tub is gentle on baby`s sensitive skin. Touch and feel the difference. 


02 Benchmark in Tub Safety

Sobble guarantees its safety. You can drop a raw egg from 5 feet into the tub it will not break. It is the worlds only safety cushion baby tub 



Perfect Fit

Sobble baby cushion tub fits into standard sinks.

Bathing the baby can be a pretty exiting exercise. Sobble is designed to enable a reliable and safe bath. The light weight and compact size make the tub very flexible.


04 Ergonomic Design: Double-Ended Baby Bath

Two bathing positions, newborns bath in reclining position with baby stopper, 6 months and older in sitting position with or without.. 


05 Including Adjustable Baby Stopper

With flexible positioning suction cup lets you support baby where ever you need to according to age and position.

06 Great Insulation

Standard hard plastic tubs don’t keep the water warm. Sobble keeps water warm over one entire bathing time.


07 Thermometer

It comes with an integrated thermometer which shows the ideal temperature or warns when the water is too hot.



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