Winner of 2017 Gold Parents' Choice Award,  the Micro Trike is the lightest, most portable buggy in the world.

Foldable and lightweight, the Micro Trike is perfect for those long shopping trips to keep your child, and yourself, stress free and happy.

The Micro Trike can hook on to a backpack or shopping trolley, and is compact enough to squeeze in the car boot on the ride home. 

The Micro Trike is easy to use, fun to ride, and is going to make any parents day out with the kids that little bit easier. 

​The Micro Trike Gold is similar to the standard Trike but comes with seat belt and  presented with a gold/black finished look.


- Age Range: 18 months +

- Max load: 20kg

- Weight: 1.9kg

- Wheel Size: 110mm

- Handlebar height: 50cm

- Push-Handle Height: 98cm (high)

- Push-Handle Height: 59cm (low)

- Seat Height: 38cm

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