The Mini Seat & O-Bar set is used with a Mini Micro scooter that enables children as young as 1 to feel the fun of scooting while helping them to develop and even learn to walk. 

The Mini Seat & O-Bar set is for attaching to any Mini Micro and can be used in 3 stages :-

1) the first with the seat in a low position as a ride on;  

2) as your child grows, the seat can be moved to a higher position; 

3) finally, remove the seat altogether for scooting with the shorter O-bar handle. 

You'll be amazed how young they can scoot! The O-Bar can be easily swap out for the standard T-bar so that the scooter can be used as a regular Mini Micro for many more years. 

The Mini Seat & O-Bar set has won the "Best Toy Award" at the Nuremburg Toy Fair in Germany in 2012. 

Suitable for ages 1-2.

We recommend that protective gear such as helmets, elbow and knee pads be worn when using the Mini Micro. Be sure to read the enclosed safety guidelines with your Micro Scooter before you begin scooting.

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