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Micro White & Black

9,300.00 ฿

The fastest kick scooter in the Micro scooter range - the Micro White and Micro Black scooter is an exceptional micro-mobility tool designed for commuters navigating the busy streets or just tp keep up with your kids on their wheels. 


Equipped with  hugh 200mm wheels, the Micro White and Micro Black is perfect for covering long distances without the long breaths. A cleverly ergonomic low footplate design eliminates the heavy leaning that is necessary with most scooters, keeping the spine naturally in-line to reduce strain and backache. An added touch - the stand folds up automatically when you start your ride.


The stylish Micro White and Micro Black gives a super smooth ride and guarantees to be a head turner!


Suitable for ages 10 and up.


We recommend that protective gear such as helmets, elbow and knee pads be worn when using the Micro White and Micro Black. Be sure to read the enclosed safety guidelines with your Micro Scooter before you begin scooting.
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