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Micro Scooter Mini

3,700.00 ฿
Named TOY OF THE YEAR and winner of the prestigious Gold Award at the NATLL Good Toy Awards in June 2007, the Mini Micro scooter is an ideal first scooter for young children. Developed with help from Swiss medical experts, the unique patented “lean and steer” mechanism of the scooter encourages children to use their body weight to maneuver, which helps children to develop their balance and co-ordination skills.
The sturdily built yet light-weight Mini Micro features a stable, close to the ground, 3 wheel design, with 2 front wheels and 1 in the back, and comes with a simple T-tube handle. The deck has a protective 
non-slip surface, and the soft plastic and rounded edges make it easier for little ones to handle, while also helping to avoid injuries. The high quality brake has a steel spring insert and doesn't heat up while braking. Overall, the Mini Micro offers a high standard of safety and stability for the rider.
The Mini Micro is extremely easy to use, and you will be full of pride seeing your child zooming around like a pro in no time! 
Suitable for ages 3 - 6
We recommend that protective gear such as helmets, elbow and knee pads be worn when using the Mini Micro. 
Be sure to read the enclosed safety guidelines with your Micro scooter before you begin scooting.
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