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Micro Scooter Maxi

5,700.00 ฿
A great progression from the Mini, the Maxi Micro is the scaled-up version of the Mini Micro, developed specifically for older children.
The styling of the Maxi Micro is cooler and more sporty than the Mini Micro, and the frame is larger and more robust to support a weight of up to 50kg. Suitable for children age 6 and up, the Maxi's 
T-tube handle bar is height adjustable to cater to riders of varying heights. With the same “lean and steer” mechanism as the Mini, the Maxi also helps to develop the child's balance and motor skills.
The Maxi Micro weighs only 2.5kg, making it light and portable but nonetheless sturdy. This high quality scooter is an easy option when your child wants to whizz, rather than walk! In 2009, the Maxi Micro was recognized for its high quality and innovative design by winning several prestigious awards worldwide, namely:
• Red Dot Design Award, Germany
• Universal Design Award, Germany
• Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, USA
Currently only the Maxi Micro with a T-bar handle is available for sale in Thailand.
Suitable for ages 6 and up
We recommend that protective gear such as helmets, elbow and knee pads be worn when using the Maxi Micro. Be sure to read the enclosed safety guidelines with your Micro Scooter before you begin scooting.
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