Mae Spring Dress Up Doll

1,400.00 ฿

Love Mae's reusable fabric wall stickers are wall friendly, kid-friendly, environmentally friendly and are made and designed in australia. they feature gorgeous, patterned detail, wonderfully whimsical design and incredible quality that appeals to both kids and adults alike.

Love Mae decals are made with little ones in mind - they can be scrunched up, smoothed out, repositioned and reapplied to your wall time and time again...they are even washable!

This pretty doll is made to be played with - your little one can dress her, change her shoes, hats, clothes and hairstyles as many times as they like! features a selection of funky outfits and accessories suitable for park picnics on a sunny spring afternoon!

- self-adhesive, non-toxic, polyester fabric paper

- doll 85 x 340mm (3.3 x 13.3")

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