Cloud B Charley The Chameleon

2,350.00 ฿


- กิ้งก่าตัวนิ่มน่ากอด 

- การทำงานแบบ multi-function ที่ช่วยให้เด็กๆปรับจากเวลาเล่นแสนสนุกมาเป็นช่วงเวลาแห่งการพักผ่อนแสนผ่อนคลายได้ดี

- ช่วยลดความกลัวความมืด

- เรืองแสง 3 แบบ : Rainbow Morphing Colours, Rainbow Blinking Colours และ Solid Rainbow Lights.

- มีเสียงแสนไพเราะ 2 เสียง Rainforest และ Tropical Tunes 

- มีปุ่มกดเปิด-ปิด และปรับเสียงเพลงได้ 

- โครงสร้างคุณภาพมาตรฐาน Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free และ BPA Free

- ใช้แบตเตอรี่ AA จำนวน 3 ก้อน


Charley the Chameleon is a cuddly, plush friend that helps children transition from playtime to sleep time in no time at all. Charley illuminates with rainbow lights that can be set to flash quickly, slowly transition from one color to another, or stay lit solidly for a gentle nightlight option. He also plays two different soothing sound options to help children relax: rainforest noises and tropical tunes! Plus, unlike ordinary night lights and white noise machines, Charley the Chameleon is entirely plush, so your child can cuddle with him – creating a mesmerizing, multi-sensory relaxation experience with soothing sights, sounds, and touch. This award-winning little lizard is there for your child 24/7 and bound to be a treasured lovey.


- Super soft plush for the cuddliest cuddles

- Multifunctional lovey helps kids transition from playtime to sleep time

- Eases fear of the dark

- Three night light options – rainbow morphing colors, rainbow blinking colors, or solid rainbow light

- Two soothing sounds – Rain Forest and Tropical Tunes

- 45 minute timer ensures complete darkness and silence during your child’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians

- Easy operation so kids can effortlessly self-soothe

- Quality construction for years of enjoyment

What’s in the Box:

- Charley the Chameleon

- 3 AAA batteries (Yes! Batteries are included.)

Multi-Sensory and Multi-FUNctional

With spellbinding sights, soothing sounds, and comforting cuddles, Charley the Chameleon creates a multi-sensory experience that easily lulls your little one to sleep. Based on pediatric sleep research, this little lizard creates a calming environment so your child can get the best rest possible. Exactly what every parent dreams of! Even better, children can cuddle and play with this fun friend all day long – creating a bond that enhances his comforting nature at night.

Kid-Friendly Operation

With the push of a button, Charley the Chameleon becomes a self-soothing super star! Press the button once for Rain Forest sounds and transitional lights (colors transition gradually to the next).
 Press again for Tropical Tunes and blinking lights (colors jump from one to the next). A third push of the button turns off the sound, but creates a solid, soothing glow of light. 
Four times turn it off. An automatic shut-off kicks in after 45 minutes, to save battery power and to ensure complete darkness and silence during your child’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians.

Makes a Great Gift

This little lizard is a must-have for creating healthy sleep habits for better health and well-being. A plush night light, sound soother, and lovey all-in-one – it’s a gift that keeps on giving day after day and night after night!

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