Love Mae Message Tiles Wall Stickers

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Sheet size: 430 x 380mm
Sizing: Each scabble letter is 25 x 28mm (0.9"" x 1.1")

Love Mae's delightful FABRIC wall stickers are lovingly designed with the finer details in mind. Our gorgeous decals can be applied to any smooth surface, if you change your mind you can whip the decals off neatly and move them around as much as you like. Perfect for rental homes needing a little something special or for the creative types who love to rearrange their space. We hope you enjoy using Love Mae's range of products to decorate your special space.We're going to go ahead and say use your imagination with this one! Included is 2-7 of each letter of the alphabet plus numbers and extras. Think love notes, favourite quotes and greeting messages for house guests.


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