Bugaboo Bee5 Bassinet Tailored Fabric Set (core collection)

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Extra comfort and protection for newborns.


The bugaboo  bee⁵ bassinet gives extra protection and comfort in the first months. Refresh your bugaboo bee⁵  bassinet with a new tailored fabric set in one of six beautiful colours.

Please note that the bugaboo bee⁵ bassinet tailored fabric set is the top part of the bugaboo bee⁵ bassinet and is used together with the bugaboo bee³ bassinet base.

features & specs

- safely transport your newborn baby with the independent bassinet.

- easily move your baby without disturbing his or her sleep.

- light in weight fabric, easy to attach to the bassinet base, fits the bugaboo  bee⁵ base as well as the bassinet base of bugaboo bee ⁵ and bugaboo bee (2010 model).


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